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Doverwood Communications, Inc., is a distinctive Florida-based public relations, social media and entertainment marketing consultation firm providing tailored services for independent films/filmmakers, entertainers/creative individuals & projects, private & public organizations, hospitality/tourism, and non-profit organizations. Our decades of diverse experience give us a wealth of hands-on knowledge and information to tap into. We currently provide PR and social media services for creative businesses/individuals/projects, films, special events and festivals. We also offer strategic results-driven communications and marketing consultation. We will gladly work on an hourly, project and/or retainer basis. We love to analyze current marketing programs and offer suggestions on how to reach your short & long-term goals.

As a virtual agency, our teams are specifically designed to meet the ever-changing and demanding needs of our clients. Because of today’s technology, we are able to work with clients from all over the world and can provide the right team for the right job at the right price. We’ve learned that it only makes sense to take on projects/clients we feel confident we can help. If we can’t take on your project, often we will refer someone in our network who may be better suited to help you reach your objectives.Success flow chart

Our single goal is to provide superior service with hands-on care from the most seasoned, passionate and skilled executives in the industry. As a client you will receive constant senior level attention for all of your strategic and tactical needs.

Our team has collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious and creative brands, drastically raising awareness and positioning our clients for global awareness, impact and success. Having worked with a broad range of companies—from start-ups to globally recognized industry leaders—we can provide unprecedented insight into how to craft your message and position your business and its leaders to the media and beyond.

follow-your-dreams-and-aspirationsWe firmly believe that dreams do come true and started offering one-on-one consulting to help you achieve your personal goals as well as your professional ones! Ask about our “pick my brain” consultation services.

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